Ofilm has been a significant player in the global touchscreen industry for over a decade. Beginning in 2010, we expanded our R&D and manufacturing capability significantly to help drive the large-scale adoption in the smartphone industry as well as elsewhere of thin-film capacitive touchscreen technologies.

By 2013, Ofilm had become the world’s largest thin-film touchscreen module manufacturer. We still hold that position, based on continually innovating improved ways to enhance the responsiveness and intelligence of touchscreens.

Touchscreens are now becoming far more common across multiple industries and product areas, not just smartphones. Examples include touchscreen capability on tablets, PCs, automobile consoles, medical devices, industrial equipment. Ofilm is supplying today to all these industries and more.

Where to from here? Our engineers have developed and patented new technologies, sensors and coatings suitable for flexible screens as well as OLEDs. We are ambitious to keep the technology moving ahead.

Where We Operate

Here’s a look at how smartphone and tablet computer touchscreens are put together. We work here to bring touch functionality to consumer electronics.

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