Display & Interaction

Much has been written about how Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) will one day transform the ways we learn, communicate and play. Ofilm shares this vision, and what’s more, we have especially deep expertise in many of the contributing technologies – advanced optics, sensors, capturing and displaying images and videos.

As we see it, virtual, augmented and mixed reality are in the starting phase of becoming “must have” consumer products. There is still work to do to bring this into the mainstream, including research in areas where Ofilm is already well-established as well as other enabling technologies including artificial intelligence, graphics, interactivity, material sciences.

Along with the work being done by Ofilm’s own engineers and researchers, Ofilm is also a founding member of a large, interdisciplinary Virtual Reality Institute and Innovation Center based in Nanchang, China. The Institute brings together university professors, scientific researchers as well as industry participants to share research, define common goals and help contribute towards more widespread adoption of virtual, augmented and mixed reality.

Synthesizing Technologies to Power AR/VR
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