Ofilm’s Central Research Institute Opens
Release time:2020-04-22

Ofilm’s Central Research Institute was officially established and became operational in April 2020.

The establishment of the Central Research Institute is an important step to furthering Ofilm’s commitment to proprietary research and innovation. The establishment of the Research Institute allows Ofilm to make better use of its own, as well as international partners’, advanced technology and cutting-edge scientific research achievements.

The newly established Research Institute extends the scope of Ofilm’s R&D efforts. Of particular importance are new initiatives in advanced areas of optoelectronics development including optical technology zoom and periscope projects, new sensor products, new display materials and artificial intelligence vision systems.

Ofilm’s Central Research Institute has three core areas of focus: microelectronics technology, thin film materials and precision camera technology.

The company spends 5% of its revenue on research and development each year. Over the last ten years, this has resulted in a ten-fold increase in Ofilm’s R&D investment.

Ofilm’s Research Institute also furthers the company’s commitment to employ world-class experts from around the world. At present, Ofilm has senior researchers from the US, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Finland, Israel.

Ofilm’s Research Institute will also further deepen the company’s commitment to recruiting researchers with advanced degrees. At least 40% of the current team already have master or doctoral degrees.

As of April 21, 2020, Ofilm  has applied for 5,723 patents internationally and obtained 3,405 authorized patents.

Team Leader of Ofilm’s Research Institute -- Microelectronics Technology: Dr. Qiu Lunji

His doctorate is from Queensland University of  Australia. Dr. Qiu previously worked at Motorola, before joining Ofilm.

A recognized expert in the sensor technologies, he has published nine international journal papers, holds two patents, and published 29 international conference papers.

Team Leader of Ofilm’s Research Institute – Camera Technology: Dr. Mr. Benjamin Jeong

A graduate of South Korea’s National Incheon University with over 20 years of experience in advanced research and CTO positions in camera optical design. He holds twenty international patents.

Team Leader of Ofilm’s Research Institute -- Thin Film Materials: Mr. Meng Kai

With over twelve years of senior research and managerial experience in core areas of display technologies, including LCD / TFT, TP (glass / film), LCM, metal mesh. Mr. Meng is a Vice President of Ofilm.

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